• BDO milestones

    BDO milestones

    1963 — Independent firms from Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain and the United States establish Binder Seidman International Group, the prospective BDO network.

    1967 — The company changes its name to Binder Seidman Thorne International Group (BSTIG).

    1968 — BDO’s predecessor publishes its first International Directory highlighting to clients its presence in six countries.

    1972 — BSTIG, Binder Seidman Thorne International Group, unites 27 regional representatives and 20 corresponding firms.

    1973 — Expanding European economic integration inspired our founders to establish Binder Dijker Otte & Co. — BDO. United by the idea to provide a broad range of top quality audit and consulting services to clients all over the world, the member firms of the BDO network, being legally independent companies, are committed to conducting their professional activities in accordance with common BDO standards. The headquarters were then located in Great Britain, Germany and the Netherlands.

    1977 — New BDO offices are opened in Italy, Luxembourg, Sweden, Spain, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates and Portugal.

    1979 — BDO goes worldwide with a global-local name concept adopted for the worldwide organisation and creates a single identity for the BDO network.

    1980 — BDO member firms are established in South Africa and Ireland, and the network now has 33 firms represented in 37 countries with 219 offices and 7,624 partners and staff.

    1987 — BDO becomes truly global uniting 15, 500 employees in 55 countries. The fee income grows by 190% from 1980.

    1988 — A corporate visual identity and a new BDO logo are introduced as the BDO acronym is placed before local names of the network member firms. BDO’s Global Board is relocated to Brussels.

    1989 — The predecessor of BDO Russia, UNICON/MS is established in the Soviet Union.

    1991–1992 BDO goes east as member firms from the FSU and the Asia Pacific region join the network. The Russian member firm is renamed to BDO Unicon.

    1993 — BDO continues its eastward expansion with firms established all over the world. In the Asia Pacific region the network is represented by 12 member firms, and BDO’s expansion into Latin America is demonstrated by seven newcomers since 1988.

    1994 — 13 BDO offices are working in the UK.

    1996 — the BDO network develops a new global mission and strategic goal — to be the leading adviser worldwide dedicated to entrepreneurial businesses.

    1999 — BDO continues to increase the number of member firms with the aim of achieving closer proximity to its clients: 88 members with 532 offices and 18,515 partners and staff by the end of the year, and a 43% increase in total business volume since 1995.

    2001 —BDO’s combined fee income reaches USD 2,203 million, an increase of over 65% in the five years since 1996.

    2002 — By its 40th anniversary, the number of BDO member firms reaches 100. The BDO network is represented in all of the world’s economically important countries.

    2003–2004 BDO expresses its new mission: to be the leading adviser in its market sector of growth-oriented medium-sized businesses.

    2008 — Newly appointed CEO Jeremy Newman announces the creation of a new Global Leadership Team.

    2009–2010 The BDO brand becomes truly global as since 2010 all member firms adopt the single global trading name, BDO, and a new visual identity is rolled out.

    2011–2012 BDO becomes the first international accounting organisation to have a Chinese representative on its Global Board and sponsors the global survey ’Service 2020: megatrends for the decade ahead’ conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit. In 2012, Martin van Roekel, former Managing Partner of BDO Netherlands, succeed Jeremy Newman as CEO of the international BDO network.

    2013 — 55,000 people working out of 1,204 offices worldwide celebrate the 50th anniversary of BDO’s founding in 139 countries of its presence.

    2015 — BDO is announced as the winner of the prestigious Network of the Year award at the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) Awards 2015 ceremony. The BDO Global Outsourcing team is awarded the International Payroll Award at the 2015 Payroll World Awards ceremony.

    2016 — BDO enters into a strategic alliance with Microsoft for the development of the new services based on innovative digital technologies, and acceleration of the digital transformation of customers’ businesses.

    2017 — CEO Americas and a member of the Global Board Keith Farlinger replaced Martin van Roekel as CEO of BDO. BDO is in the list of the most expensive brands in the world — Brand Finance Global 500.

    2018 — BDO was once again awarded the prestigious Network of the Year Award by the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) for the most profitable growth strategies. BDO grew globally to $ 8.99 billion (Euro 7.56 billion) in revenues.

    2019 — BDO steadily maintains its status of the fifth audit and consulting global network and leads in revenues from accounting consulting services which amount over $1,34 billion (according to the International Accounting Bulletin).

    2020 — The headcount of BDO member firms over the world exceeds 91 thousand employees. Annual revenue exceeds $10,3 billion (Euro 9,2 billion) and continues to show stable growth.