• Business Transformation

    Business Transformation

    The transformation program is aimed at achieving targeted effects in the short term and incorporates a number of interrelated activities and projects.

    Our comprehensive business transformation program provides a complete transformation cycle: from management system health check, strategic vision development, processes and KPIs adjustment and IT solutions implementation to change management, hand-in-hand with the client. We help our clients implement and optimize business transformation strategies.

    Comprehensive programs include a meticulous study of organizational, methodological and technological aspects, as well as transformation program management.

    Key steps of a comprehensive business transformation program

    • Health Check
    • Identification of growth areas
    • Defining a transformation strategy
    • Devising a transformation plan outlining “quick results”
    • Development of solutions (structure, processes, methodology, KPI, information system)
    • Consistent implementation of business transformation processes and change management together with the client
    • Client assistance and solutions support
    • Continuous improvement

    A remarkable advantage of our company is unmatched practical experience and knowledge in the areas of management and technological consulting, enabling us to deliver successfully the most sophisticated projects entailing business process transformation/optimization and large-scale implementations.

    Complex business transformation technology enables to roll out change gradually hand-in-hand with the client achieving practical outcomes at each transformation stage. Based on the synergy of consulting and system integration, our business solutions expand the client’s opportunities for control and analysis of all aspects of the company’s operations, guaranteeing enhancement of its operating efficiency and more flexible response to the ever-changing business environment.

    Templates and standard solutions provide our clients with an excellent opportunity to perform key business processes attuned to a specific industry and compatible with software products and solutions from different providers. Business units and divisions of your enterprise, regardless of its industry profile, may roll out our business applications stage by stage, following your own time schedules and governed by the current business imperatives without costly upgrades.

    The impacts of comprehensive project implementation

    • Operational efficiency improvement
    • Optimizing the TCO of solutions
    • Improvement of business information transparency for decision-making
    • Growth of the company’s capitalization
    • Laying the groundwork for further improvements
    • Creating prerequisites for solutions replicating and scaling

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