• One of the key conditions for the company’s security is an effective data protection system.

    Personal data protection

    Expert examination by Unicon will allow you to build a legally competent and structured system for protecting personal data in accordance with the requirements of the Law “On Personal Data”.

    Audit and documentation under Federal Law No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data”

      As part of the audit of personal data protection, Unicon experts conduct a comprehensive survey of the company’s business processes related to personal data processing:

      • Analysis of executive documentation
      • Audit of contracts and agreements with contractors, verification of standard document forms
      • Verification of legal grounds / compliance of the procedure, conditions and terms of personal data retention
      • Forming an opinion on compliance of the company’s activity with the requirements of the current legislation based on the results of the audit of the existing personal data protection system

      Consulting on matters of personal data processing and protection

      Unicon’s many years of experience in the field of personal data protection is at your service. Consult our experts and get recommendations on how to build a personal data protection system for your company:

      • Comprehensive assessment of information systems and personal data protection processes
      • Development or updating of the current package of executive documents
      • Recommendations on bringing personal data processing procedures (automated system / non-usage of automated aids) in compliance with the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation
      • Maintenance and consulting support for filing a notice to Roskomnadzor about the intention to process personal data / amend the register of operators engaged in personal data processing
      • Maintenance and consulting support in the course of Roskomnadzor inspection

      GDPR services

        Unicon consultants will help you to assess the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on your company’s activities and ensure that your organisation’s internal processes comply with European law:

        • Assessment of GDPR applicability for a client company
        • Audit of personal data processing procedures taking into account GDPR requirements
        • Forming recommendations on bringing the company's activities in line with GDPR requirements
        • Promoting the implementation of GDPR processes

        Protection of trade secrets

          Ensuring the protection of trade secrets is one of the important conditions for successful business. Unicon consultants will develop a comprehensive solution for your company that will allow you to create a reliable system for protecting trade secrets and effectively manage your intellectual property:

          • Comprehensive survey of business processes related to information constituting a trade secret
          • Development or updating of executive documents in the field of protection of trade secrets during the automated and non-automated information processing
          • Protection of the confidentiality of information constituting a trade secret with regard to labour law relationships
          • Development of a proposal for document management, accounting and registration of confidential documents
          • Development of a set of measures to introduce a trade secret mode

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