• Technological Consulting

    Technological Consulting

    Sooner or later, your company faces the need for technological improvements of existing and newly implemented business applications. As a result, technological consulting services become a priority, especially when the following problems are ripe for solution:

    • Need to reduce the cost of information system ownership through more effective solutions to technological challenges
    • Need for integrated solving of infrastructure and maintenance service tasks
    • Expansion of the functional scope of standard information systems
    • Need to ensure the most effective enterprise automation policy (including flexible integration scenarios that take into account the enterprise legacy IT systems)

    To meet these challenges, our company has a special service stream: technological developments and innovative solutions. It includes the following tools and programmes:

    • Integration: enables combination of data and systems in heterogeneous environments
    • Programming: aimed at resolving problems that are beyond the standard capabilities of information systems
    • Optimization: allows the TCO reduction
    • Maintenance and support: aimed at addressing problems arising from information systems operation
    • Technological innovations: discover the most effective technical means and methods to tackle automation tasks

    Our services in the field of technological developments and innovative solutions bring the following results and benefits to our clients:

    • Reduction of software development costs
    • Faster and higher-quality development of technical solutions
    • Search and implementation of the most relevant client-focused innovative solutions offered by the market
    • Comprehensive analysis of the client’s information systems, identifying weaknesses and providing suggestions for modernization
    • Simplification of the information systems support function
    • TCO reduction

    In order to get detailed advice and clarify the cost of our services, please send us a commercial inquiry.