• Our values

    Our values

    Client proximity

    This means solid understanding of clients’ needs and ability and readiness to react to changes in the market while working towards goals together. We not only give professional consultations, we strive to support our clients, and anticipate various situations while helping them to achieve goals of their business. This also means ease of communication and detailed project planning in close cooperation with clients. This client-focused attitude provides for partners’ direct involvement in clients’ problem solving.

    Honest and trustworthy relationships

    This means that all our people work hard to build honest and trustworthy relationships with each other and with clients, to be open and to be ready to thoroughly consider any situation to help each other and clients. Relationships between our employees are based on the principle of mutual understanding and support. We aim not only to understand business and not only to establish business or partner relationships with clients, but also to understand our clients.

    Responsibility and professionalism

    This means that we approach any task or issue with all our responsibility and stay true to the Unicon standards of business relationships. We ensure that our professional advice is complete and objective. We engage specialists with appropriate skills, qualifications and experience in client assignments while strictly keeping to confidentiality principles and ethical business behaviour.

    Corporate social responsibility

    This means that our company aims for involving its people in various corporate responsibility projects, which also implies the volunteer support. We focus on sponsorship and professional support of culture and sport as well.