• Information technology

    New opportunities in a new world

    Russian IT companies have obtained a unique chance to occupy empty niches for which previously they would have had to fight hard with competitors from the United States and Europe.

    Those who offer a full-fledged replacement of foreign products will be able to become the flagships of the industry in Russia and even compete for the world market in the future.

    Based on our 30 years of experience in financial and legal consulting in the IT field, we help industry enterprises effectively solve business problems and conquer new markets.

    Current challenges in the IT industry


    • Import substitution of foreign software
    • Parallel import and search for new suppliers of equipment (servers, network and channelling equipment, data storage systems, etc.) in friendly countries
    • Reskilling of personnel (for example, SAP specialists into 1C specialists)
    • Taking care of cybersecurity (implementation of DevSecOps, etc.)
    • Raising funds, including government subsidies


    • Development of domestic system software, including complex software systems for large businesses
    • Production of domestic components and IT equipment - from tablets and laptops to hardware platforms (servers, large storage systems)
    • Ensuring full technological independence and information security