Audit and Related Services

Quality, competence and customer-oriented approach

We conduct statutory and proactive audits of financial statements prepared in accordance with Russian and international standards, and provide audit-related services (interim reviews, reviews of financial statement items on a sample basis, etc.).

Unicon is included in the register of companies providing audit services to public interest entities (maintained by the Treasury of Russia) and in the register of auditors of public interest entities in the financial market (maintained by the Bank of Russia).

Our absolute priority is the quality of services. We strive to make customer cooperation with us as useful and effective as possible. Unicon has been providing audit services for 35 years, being the largest audit firm with a completely Russian history and roots. Solid industry and project expertise has sharpened our understanding of operational specifics of the vast majority of businesses and made our professional activity by far more independent. In the course of project implementation, we request only such information that is crucial for delivering a high-quality result.

Our specialists delve into each specific situation and offer individual practical solutions that meet the customer’s current and strategic needs.

Advantages of audit by Unicon

  • Fifth among the largest audit companies and groups of the Russian Federation in the RAEX-2023 rating
  • High qualifications and professionalism
  • Strict adherence to deadlines
  • Multi-year experience of working with large businesses
  • Up-to-date methodological tools scalable to the size of the business
  • Quality control and customer confidence
  • Strict compliance with the requirements of professional ethics and independence
  • Confidentiality

Seek advice

To get advice and clarify the cost of audit services, please send us a commercial inquiry.