• Value added to your products and services through traceability

    Labelling and traceability

    Implementation of uniform labelling of goods and other items based on international standards is the cornerstone for successful digital transformation of the production and logistics chains in the enterprise ecosystem.

    Codification and labelling enable to create realistic digital supply chain models, analyze them, manage real production processes and change them effectively. The logistics traceability system implementation is a mandatory infrastructure element for companies planning integration into the global value chains.

    Unicon experts provide a full range of services in the area of goods labelling and traceability system implementation for manufacturing and trading companies, addressing the following tasks:

    • Independent brand authenticity protection for goods, products and components;
    • Integration with the state-mandated goods labelling and traceability system;
    • Control over distribution channels and implementation of new logistics strategies;
    • Creation of digital quality models;
    • Creation of a digital corporate social responsibility (CSR) model;

    Facilitating green customs corridors for the fresh product segment and other products requiring quarantine clearance.

    Our business analysts and IT architects have international experience in implementing traceability systems. At our disposal is the Shping Security application, a specialized Track&Trace system, ensuring a fast and successful start for enterprises of any size and industry.

    A distinctive feature of all Unicon projects is their focus not only on compliance with mandatory state-prescribed requirements, but also on achieving commercial effect through the labeling and traceability system implementation.

    The labelling and traceability system implementation assisted by the Unicon team embraces several stages:

    1. Business processes reengineering in production, transport and warehouse logistics, procurement, sales and cross-border operations.
    2. Development and implementation of rules for codification and labelling of goods, materials, containers, documents, equipment, etc.
    3. Retrofitting of production and logistics sites with equipment for labelling and machine-readable codes recognition.
    4. IT systems implementation, configuration and/or integration (MES, ERP, WMS, TMS, CRM, etc.).
    5. Modification of partnership terms and conditions, business models and legal schemes when working with traceable products.
    6. Creation of Digital Quality and/or CSR Models to control compliance with production technology, storage and transportation conditions, and business practice requirements.
    7. Information campaign for customers and partners, new marketing mechanics and descriptive content, incidents detection and processing scenarios.

    To implement our projects, we use one of the best and most advanced solutions in this area — Shping Security Track&Trace system.

    Shping Security is a specialized traceability system enabling to develop and maintain transactional IT systems, being unaffected by requirements of the Track&Trace processes. This approach minimizes the enterprises’ fiscal and technological risks.

    Shping is:

    • Cross-industry IT solution. It is typically scaled to any number of different product categories in most industries.
    • Compliance with international GS1 standards. The system can be used in any country where state-mandated or independent traceability is required.
    • Detailed allocation of operating costs. Smart pricing makes it possible to detail costs in any analytical area, including contractors, logistics services, commodity categories and transaction types.
    • The ideal pricing model for estimating and dynamically predicting costs. Shping enables to make accurate projections of costs of future periods, the cost of services and external prices for customers.
    • Ecosystem coverage. The system makes it possible for all participants of the supply chain, from the brand to the retailer, to work seamlessly in a single information space. This approach reduces the cost of goods manufactured.
    • Access to unique marketing mechanics for B2B and B2C products. The system enables to create unique competitive advantages for the Shping traceable products. The latest marketing mechanics make it possible to activate the target audience, enhance the frequency of purchases and customer loyalty.

    Cooperation with the Unicon team in implementing the labelling and traceability system will help you:

    • Maintain consistency and efficiency of the existing business processes;
    • Implement business process re-engineering in the areas of SGTIN/SSCC accounting;
    • Save the existing IT architecture without transactional systems (ERP and WMS) modifications;
    • Use the existing infrastructure for data exchange and integration;
    • Minimize the time and cost of logistic goods handling;
    • Get seamless integration with partner processes;
    • Derive additional economic benefits from the labelling and traceability system implementation.

    We will be glad to respond to all your queries about details of our professional advice and fees.