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    Support for Law-Making

    Adoption of new laws and regulations is, largely, a result of reconciling interests between the government and business as well as finding a reasonable balance of public and private interests. We support both the public and private initiatives for improvement of legal regulation, i.a. for the purposes of implementation of multidimensional projects (in particular, public-private partnerships, development of continental shelf, arrangement of sports events and competitions).

    We have built up a solid experience of drafting federal and regional laws, bylaws and subordinate legislation in different areas of legal regulation: from insurance, housing and public utilities to administrative offence and regulation of foreign nationals employment. Besides, we have a lot of experience in supporting law-making activities.

    Our services comprise:

    • Assessing the needs for adoption of a new law/regulation
    • Elaborating conceptual frameworks for legal regulation
    • Drafting laws and regulations of different levels, explanatory notes and financial feasibility studies, as well as other supporting materials and rationale
    • Defining a procedure for approval and adoption of a law/regulation and identifying authorities involved in these processes
    • Analysis of the state authorities’ feedback (opinions and comments) on the draft laws under consideration, follow-up on the feedback received and amendment of the draft laws accordingly
    • Participating in conferences/meetings of work groups or state authority commissions to develop or approve the draft laws and regulations
    • Legal review of the draft law and analysis of the law drafting technique, legal opinion on a probable impact of the draft law on the client’s business

    In order to get detailed advice and clarify the cost of our services, please send us a commercial inquiry.