• Your financial service will become more efficient

    Accounting Advisory

    We will assist you in maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of the accounting function. We will share with you a wealth of audit experience in the sector in which your company operates. We will offer expert and adequate solutions in new, non-standard and challenging situations.

    RAS advisory services

    • Development of accounting and financial statement preparation standards
    • Development of accounting policies, the chart of accounts and tables of accounting entries
    • On-line advisory services on RAS application
    • Accounting support of M&A transactions
    • Multidisciplinary projects (harmonization with tax and management accounting )

    IFRS advisory services

    • Development of a methodological base (accounting policies, the chart of accounts, tables of accounting entries, transformation and consolidation procedures, harmonization of all types of accounting with IFRS , parallel accounting methods)
    • On-line advisory services on IFRS application
    • IFRS trainings and workshops
    • Multidisciplinary IFRS projects (harmonization of all types of accounting with IFRS)

    In order to get detailed advice and clarify the cost of accounting advisory services, please send us a commercial inquiry.