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    Preparation and Issuance of Legal Opinion

    Legal opinion (LO) may be required for various purposes. Generally, LO reflects professional judgement on compliance of this or that transaction with the applicable legislation requirements, specific regulations, founding documents and business set-up objectives. LO may also contain important information on particular risks and/or constrains and offers options and recommendations on how to remove them.

    Unicon’s legal opinions are accepted by Russia’s major banks.

    Services offered by our legal advisory team include:

    • Confirming the company’s corporate status
    • Verifying due approval of a transaction
    • Confirming existence and validity of agreements
    • Confirming legal rights to assets (real estate, plant and equipment, IP)
    • Review of contract enforceability
    • Court remedy prospects
    • Removing conflicting provisions from corporate documents

    In order to get detailed advice and clarify the cost of our services, please send us a commercial inquiry.