• Individual solutions for a public organization

    Non-Profit Organisations Support

    Many our loyal clients are carrying out important social functions, ranging from charity, culture, sports and infrastructure to handling large-scale projects (with or without state participation). These are non-profit organisations (NPO), which have to comply with specific rules regulating their activity.

    Thanks to our invaluable experience accumulated through multiyear professional support to NPO, we have worked out an exceptional approach to services for such clients. Our professional insight into NPO’s specific activity enriched by the vast expertise of our specialists in other areas of law delivers the desired impact for your organisation in a particular situation. Our services comprise:

    • Advice on application of the NPO legislation (including commercial operations of an NPO) and corporate governance
    • Advice on appropriate NPO legal forms and management structure
    • Drafting/review of founding documents, regulations on management bodies, local rules and regulations
    • Legal support of setting up an NPO, a stand-alone unit opened by a foreign NPO, including pertinent document drafting
    • Analysis of NPO activities and transactions for compliance with NPO objectives
    • Appropriate documentation of managerial decisions
    • Identification, evaluation and resolution of conflict of interests
    • Legal support in the course of inspections conducted by supervision authorities
    • Advice on whether a “foreign agent” status shall be obtained
    • All-round legal support of NPO activities
    • Q&A advisory services relating to various issues of NPO activities

    In order to get detailed advice and clarify the cost of our services, please send us a commercial inquiry.