• Forest, chemical, pulp and paper

    A competent strategy is the key to success

    Enterprises of the forest and related industries are actively looking for their place in the new reality: they are exploring new sales markets, building new supply chains, and developing import substitution at an accelerated pace.

    It is important to maintain a balance between cost optimisation and productive investments necessary to hold the key to future development when active economic growth resumes.

    Current challenges


    • Search for new sales markets
    • Search for new owners for enterprises owned by foreign companies that left Russia
    • Search for new suppliers or import substitution of European equipment, technologies and components
    • Digitalisation based on domestic software products, import substitution of foreign software


    • Overcoming technological dependence, especially in the manufacture of products in demand in other industries (oil and gas industry, construction, mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals, etc.)
    • Revival of the domestic school of chemical technologists, training of engineers and workers
    • Improving the environmental safety of projects