• Transportation and Public Utilities

    Choose the right direction on your way to success

    Not only special measures taken by the state are critical for support and long-term development of transportation companies in Russia. Equally important is reliable professional advice of a consultant with plentiful industry experience, capable to generate adequate solutions, identify hidden reserves, find optimal growth points, and develop a strategy for successful long-term development.

    For more than 30 years Unicon has been providing a wide range of services to transportation enterprises, including audit of financial statements according to Russian and international standards, financial, tax and legal advisory, valuation and transaction support services, and management consulting. Major transportation companies in Russia are among our long-term clients. Unicon’s specialists in project teams have an outstanding track record of direct involvement in the work of these companies. We know how your business operates and are ready to help maintain and improve its efficiency in any, even the most difficult market conditions.

    In order to get detailed advice and clarify the cost of statutory our services, please send us a commercial inquiry.