• Tourism and hospitality

    Work more efficiently, earn more

    Today, the “growth point” of the HoReCa industry is domestic tourism. Businesses are ready to invest in the search and popularisation of new lines of activity, infrastructure development, creation of online travel agencies (OTAs) and development of domestic online booking systems.

    Investors' optimism also extends to the restaurant business in resort and recreational areas, where the influx of solvent tourists provides demand. In cities that do not have noticeable tourist potential, we can expect growth in the medium and low segment of public catering.

    The specifics of the tourism and closely related hotel business is a long payback period, which requires competent strategic planning. We are ready to provide consulting support in any situation and at any stage.

    Current issues of further development

    • Creation of own tourism brands
    • Search for and development of new directions of domestic tourism, including all-season, redistribution of tourist flow from overloaded directions of the Southern Federal District, Central Federal District and North-Western Federal District
    • Development of the transport, tourism and entertainment tourism (water parks, concert venues, etc.) infrastructure
    • Digitalisation (development and implementation of CRM, specialised software for hotels, mobile applications, online booking systems)
    • Fund raising, loan refinancing, competent use of tax benefits