• Food and Agriculture

    We will help reduce costs and direct funds to business development

    There have been a number of M&A transactions in the food industry related to the exit of international players from the Russian Federation. The process of replacing the exiting brands is actively underway.

    The current situation is an opportune time for the Russian agricultural industry. Growing demand for high-quality domestic agricultural products will contribute to the development of regional markets, which will increase the number of jobs and raise the standard of living in rural areas.

    Business diversification, which many manufacturers are thinking about, will become insurance against difficulties.

    Current challenges in food and agriculture

    On the one hand, these are general issues:

    • Business digitalisation
    • Concern for competitiveness and product quality
    • Increasing storage capacity
    • Compliance with current regulatory requirements
    • Fund raising

    On the other hand, there are tasks brought about by the current situation:

    • Import substitution (equipment, spare parts, seeds, plant protection products, etc.)
    • Restructuring of supply chains
    • Development of new production models and implementation strategies
    • Business restructuring

    We offer

    • Tools for solving narrowly focused problems - waste disposal, decarbonisation and biologisation of production (organic farming, animal husbandry without antibiotics, etc.)