• Retail

    We will help you win the fight for consumers

    Buyers are looking for the best offers and are actively familiarising themselves with new brands, many of which have appeared on the FMCG market.

    The development of e-commerce remains a significant trend. Omnichannel shopping has firmly entered the life of buyers, while sellers, on their part, are ready to invest in the development of online sales channels and delivery services. 

    In the context of structural transformation of the market, we help businesses remain competitive, adapting to changes and benefiting from them.

    Current issues in the trade sector

    • Fund raising and cost optimisation
    • Revision of business models taking into account changes in consumer behaviour and market situation
    • Solving local problems: changing the product range, changing suppliers, restructuring logistics, import substitution of foreign software, certain types of machinery and equipment
    • Business development, including digitalisation (implementation of ERP, CRM, systems for integrated business planning and supply chain management)