• Oil and gas

    With us your business will be healthy in any economic climate

    At the time of the transforming global energy markets, Russian companies have revisited their existing business models to build a new long-term strategy based on domestic consumption and partnership with Asian countries.

    We offer high-quality professional support to Russian oil and gas companies, which is underpinned by a wealth of industry expertise accumulated through 30 years of successful project implementation for companies operating in the sector.

    Priorities of the oil and gas industry


    • Search for new suppliers or import substitution of European equipment, technologies and components
    • Large-scale restructuring of logistics and technological processes
    • Digitalisation based on domestic software products, substitution of foreign software imports


    • Search for new markets
    • Infrastructure development for redirecting oil and gas exports to friendly countries
    • Construction of own tanker fleet
    • Creation of national scientific and technological clusters, training of highly-qualified young specialists
    • Improving the environmental safety of projects