• Informed decision-making

    Financial Modelling and Business Planning

    Financial modelling serves as an efficient instrument in solving the following tasks:

    • forecasting of cash flows and changes in the financial condition of a company (group);
    • modelling and valuation of various business development scenarios;
    • making financial estimates of a business plan;
    • determining optimal financing options;
    • evaluating investment projects;
    • assessing and managing risks;
    • transaction structuring;
    • within the projects which provide for obtaining a status of a regional investment project or a public private partnership (PPP).

    We build financial models from scratch and also perform financial model due diligence with subsequent additional development based on methodological recommendations of the leading banks and government structures. Our specialists are ready to provide you with professional assistance in strategic decision-making, fund raising, debt restructuring by rendering the following services in financial modelling:

    • preparation of a financial model/business plan in accordance with end user (shareholder, bank, strategic investor, business partner) requirements;
    • due diligence of business plans and financial models for banks and investors;
    • project financial feasibility study (FFS);
    • investment attractiveness analysis;
    • determination of the transaction synergy effect;
    • determination of the redemption share price (“a unified share”).

    Financial modelling projects are implemented by a team of certified appraisers and analysts with over 5 years work experience, with engagement of leading specialists in the area of taxes, law, and technical audit. Managers of such projects have more than 10 years of experience in financial consulting and industry specialisation.

    In order to get detailed advice and clarify the cost of our services, please send us a commercial inquiry.