• Metals and mining

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    The prospects of the Russian ferrous metallurgy largely depend on Russia’s pivot to the East and domestic market. The geography of business will also have to be revised by the Russian coal industry, and, possibly, by non-ferrous metals enterprises.

    We are ready to help companies of the metals and mining sector successfully address any business challenge, assist in drafting development strategies focused on finding new opportunities and markets.

    Priorities of the mining industry


    • Search for investors under restrictions imposed by the EU on investments in the Russian mining industry
    • Search for new suppliers or import substitution of quarry, mining and processing equipment, etc.
    • Restructuring of logistics and technological processes
    • Digitalisation based on domestic software products, substitution of foreign software imports
    • Enhancing profitability and operating efficiency
    • Implementation of risk management and internal control systems


    • Search for new markets
    • Development of transport infrastructure enabling to redirect exports to Asian countries
    • Creation of own scientific and technological clusters
    • Training of young specialists and professional development of the existing staff
    • Further implementation of ESG standards, also relevant for Eastern countries