• Business and Asset Valuation

    Economic feasibility and sensible approach

    We are ready to provide you with professional support in determining the cost of a business or assets, including cost valuation and due diligence for financial reporting purposes (IFRS, RAS).

    Our services include all types of cost analysis for any assets and liabilities. Unicon experts are prepared to assist you in matters relating to determination of market value, investment and fair value of your business or assets in compliance with International Valuation Standards for the purposes of:

    • decision-making on purchase or sale of assets;
    • determination of the conversion coefficient in implementing M&A transactions;
    • calculation of the cost range for various scenarios and use of different sources of forecasting data;
    • determination of the fair value of assets and liabilities in case of the first-time adoption of IFRS;
    • determination of the fair value of assets and liabilities in case of consolidation, including the Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) procedures;
    • calculation of the amount of goodwill or testing it for impairment.

    Over three decades we have accumulated a unique experience of interaction with international audit companies, leading banks and investment funds. This allows us to implement the cost analysis projects of any complexity for companies in various sectors.

    In order to get detailed advice and clarify the cost of our services, please send us a commercial inquiry.