• Medicine and pharmaceuticals

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    Powerful research centres engaged in the development of medicines and medical products have been established in Russia. After large foreign manufacturers left the market, the state relied on domestic developments and transfer of technologies for the production of innovative drugs.

    The growth potential of the pharmaceutical industry is high and allows relying on positive dynamics in the medium term.

    In the private healthcare sector, a slight decrease in consumer demand will contribute to increased number of M&A transactions and market consolidation.

    Current challenges in the pharmaceutical industry


    • Improvement of the regulatory framework
    • Restructuring of logistics, change of suppliers (equipment, consumables, pharmaceutical substances, active ingredients and auxiliary components, standard samples, nutrient media, etc.)
    • Development of original medicines, including innovative ones, to replace imported drugs that have left the market
    • Digitalisation based on domestic software
    • Modernisation and increase in production capacity
    • Fund raising


    • Creation of own scientific and technological clusters
    • Training of young scientific personnel
    • Solving the problem of suspension of international clinical studies in Russia