• Manufacturing

    Make the most of our expertise and take strategically wise decisions

    Russian industry is entering a new era - enterprises need to solve a wide range of complex multi-vector tasks. Import substitution, revision of business models, digitalisation, fundraising - all these tasks require the adoption of strategically competent decisions, which should be based on comprehensive experience and a deep understanding of economic processes.

    Our team offers the services of consultants with plentiful industry experience, capable to give businesses the right answers to pressing questions, help enterprises objectively assess their potential and increase investment attractiveness, find growth points, and lay the groundwork for a successful long-term development.

    For more than 30 years Unicon has been providing a wide range of services to industrial: enterprises, including audit of financial statements according to Russian and international standards, accounting services, tax and legal advisory, valuation and transaction support services, management consulting and system integration support. Major systemically important industrial companies are among our audit and consulting clients.

    In order to get detailed advice and clarify the cost of statutory our services, please send us a commercial inquiry.