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    Legal Due Diligence

    The objectives of legal due diligence (LDD) may differ widely. Primarily, LDD is an integral part of any M&A transaction. The terms and timing of such transactions (as well as a decision to enter into a transaction) directly depend on the LDD’s outcome and quality.

    Equipped with multiyear experience in comprehensive DDs and legal-only DDs (Acquisition and Vendor LDDs), we unfailingly select the most efficient procedures for each particular scenario, focusing on the client’s business and objectives pursued. All procedures are grouped by a specific area — you may choose the ones which suit best your business requirements. Legal due diligence in foreign jurisdictions is carried out by our international partners, working throughout the world.

    Our key services in legal due diligence comprise are:

    • Review of the company’s legal status and major corporate developments
    • Analysis of the shareholders’/participants’ rights
    • Overview and analysis of the corporate governance system
    • Overview and analysis of legal rights to assets (real estate, equipment, vehicles, IP)
    • Review of liabilities (agreements with key customers/buyers, providers/sellers, financial assistance, bank loans, borrowings, sureties, etc.)
    • Review of the regulatory environment (licensing, antimonopoly regulation, environment protection, industrial safety, etc.)
    • Due diligence of labour relationships
    • Overview of court disputes and claims
    • Identification of bankruptcy risks

    In order to get detailed advice and clarify the cost of legal due diligence, please send us a commercial inquiry.