• Valuation

    Clarity. Precision. Cogency

    We perform valuation of any assets and liabilities in compliance with the federal valuation legislation and international valuation standards, including valuation of assets, share packages (participation interests); property portfolios; intangible assets; commercial real estate; rights to claim.

    At any stage of the project you will obtain a qualified support of our specialists, including:

    • methodological support in preparing of the valuation engagement;
    • obtaining a positive SRO opinion on the report;
    • reconciliation of the results of valuation and valuation report with the credit institution, investor, shareholder, auditor;
    • presentation of valuation results.

    Based on the results of the valuation performed by Unicon specialists you will obtain a report which can be provided to your company CEO, Board of Directors, shareholders, financial auditor. Reports signed by our valuers are accepted by major Russian banks and credit institutions as well as investment funds.

    Unicon specialists have been providing valuation services to companies in various industries since 1999. We know that the results of our work will affect further development of your business and pay special attention to the qualification and experience of our project teams. Our specialists are qualified appraisers and analysts with more than 15 years of work experience. All appraisers of Unicon are members of SRO (Self-regulatory organisation of appraisers).

    Our experts are members of the Council of Self-Regulated Inter-Regional Appraisers Association (SIAA) as well as members of the disciplinary and expert councils.

    In order to get detailed advice and clarify the cost of our services, please send us a commercial inquiry.