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    Tax Advisory Services

    Unicon provides tax advisory services at the international standard level. We implement projects drawing on the unique in-house planning methods and techniques enabling to deliver the expected results within reasonable timeframes with minimized involvement of client specialists. We are ready to support our clients on individual tax issues or provide service packages resulting in a set of methodological tax solutions, ranging from development of regulations for specific areas of business transactions accounting to design of an integrated methodological framework and internal control systems.

    Our services in tax consulting and methodology include, inter alia:

    • Current advice on tax calculations and payments and tax implications of certain transactions
    • Tax advisory services as Tax Q&A Subscription
    • Development of tax accounting policies
    • Preparation of guidelines and manuals for separate accounting areas or transactions (separate VAT accounting, valuation of extracted minerals, CAPEX vs. OPEX, etc.)
    • Unification of accounting and methodological principles for a group of companies
    • Development of an internal control system for tax compliance processes (Tax Compliance).
    • Development of tax budgeting principles

    In order to get detailed advice and clarify the cost of tax advisory services, please send us a commercial inquiry.