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    Legal Support and Analysis of Current Business Activity

    At your disposal is a wealth of our multiyear advisory expertise embracing a wide spectrum of versatile issues arising in the course of daily business activities. These are not only “traditional areas” (contract law, intellectual property or antimonopoly legislation), but also new streams of service which have been gaining momentum recently and are increasingly sought by clients (e.g., sports law).

    The key value of this service to your company is the synergetic approach to handling issues you face (also through involvement of our experts specializing in finance, tax and accounting advisory services) and actual conflict and dispute resolution.

    We are ready to offer business solutions optimal for you in the current economic environment.

    Our services comprise:

    Contract law

    • Developing contractual arrangements attuned to the client’s needs
    • Drafting/reviewing contracts and pertinent documentation of diverse industry-specific nature and complexity
    • Identification and assessment of contractual risks and developing recommendations on their removal and/or mitigation
    • Participation in negotiations, client representation at the stages of contract signing and fulfilment
    • Q&A advisory services on various issues of contract law

    Intellectual property

    • Assistance in structuring corporate license agreements (development of corporate licensing structure, verification whether the activity is subject to licensing, assistance in contract drafting and approval)
    • Legal due diligence of IP rights
    • Structuring of transactions relating to acquisition/ disposal of IP assets (rights) and legal support of such transactions
    • Legal support in state registration of trademarks, invention patents, utility models and industrial design, software, databases and other IP assets
    • International registration of trademarks and international patenting
    • Drafting license, concession and option agreements, contracts on disposal and pledge of IP rights, agreements on transfer of know-how and other documents.
    • Protection of employer IP rights (“work made for hire”)
    • Drafting internal corporate regulations for protection of commercial secret
    • In-court and out-of-court protection of IP right holders
    • Q&A advisory services relating to IP (trademarks, know-how, patents, software and databases, domain names in the Internet, copyright and related rights

    Employment law

    • Drafting and assisting in the launch of option and bonus programs, incentive plans for top managers and key employees
    • Structuring compensation and private pension programs
    • Support of personnel restructuring (transfers, redundancies, dismissals, mass termination)
    • Drafting employment agreements and other HR documents
    • HR audit
    • Formalizing employment relationships with distant employees
    • Advice on status and activity of the employees’ representation body (including trade unions) and effective employer/employee relations policy
    • Out-of-court settlement of employment disputes, representation of the employer’s interests in courts
    • Local regulations drafting
    • Q&A advisory services on diverse aspects of the labour legislation

    Sports law

    • Legal support of sports events, tournaments and ceremonies
    • Drafting/analysis of coaching, agency and employment agreements with a sports organisation (club), sportsmen, coaches and sports agents
    • Drafting/analysis of sponsorship and promotion agreements with sportsmen and sport organisations (clubs)
    • Protection of IP rights in the field of sports
    • Formalizing relationships with volunteers in mass sports events
    • Drafting/analysis of founding documents, regulations, provisions, local regulations and other documents of a sports organisation (club)
    • Full legal support of sports organisations’ activities, including business transactions
    • Participation in negotiations and client representation before state agencies
    • Q&A advisory services on various issues relating to the sports legislation

    Antimonopoly law

    • Legal support in obtaining approvals of transactions and legally valid actions from the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service (local authorities)
    • Advice on issues relating to application of the legislation on foreign investments into Russian companies of strategic importance
    • Advice on application of trade legislation, including issues relating to advertising campaigns
    • Representation of the clients’ interests before antimonopoly authorities
    • Q&A advisory services relating to the Russian legislation on protection of competition and foreign investments in Russian companies of strategic importance

    Currency regulation and control

    • Legal compliance review of transactions
    • Support of currency transactions conducted by residents/non-residents
    • Q&A advisory services on various issues relating to currency regulation and control

    In order to get detailed advice and clarify the cost of our services, please send us a commercial inquiry.